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At Hastings Professional Business Services our primary focus is making you feel comfortable and insuring that your business becomes as successful as possible. In order to do this, we do our best to build a relationship of trust with our clients. When you come into our Abilene office, we are going to invite you in and listen intently to you. There is no judgment. We are here to help your business move forward in a positive direction. Let’s talk about it.

Hastings Professional Business Services is an Abilene firm dedicated to assisting small businesses with their financial bookkeeping, payroll and tax difficulties. We are focused on evaluating the situation as a whole and determining the best course of action for your business’s unique situation. When clients sign up with us they know exactly who is going to be handling their case and who they are going to be dealing with. The end result is a more client-centered approach where the client and I work directly together 100% of the time so that they feel comfortable, and they have the most successful business possible.

We feel this is an important commitment we make to you as our client. Being in financial bookkeeping quagmire can be scary; you deserve to have the person you trust with you by your side working with you as team to help your business to grow and prosper.