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Why Filing Bankruptcy isn’t as Scary as It Feels
Why Filing Bankruptcy isn’t as Scary as It Feels
04/16/2015 | by: admin | Category: Dulaney Legal Blog, Uncategorized


Not having control over your finances can be really scary. Even contemplating the idea of filing is terrifying. However, it helps to remember that you’re not alone. In 2014, there were almost 1 million bankruptcies filed nationally. Think about that for a minute, there were at least 936,000 in your exact same position last year, that’s not to mention the people who continue to live with insurmountable debt.

While the numbers can speak for themselves, sometimes it helps to hear a human voice discuss what you’re going through. I’ve found that this Huffington Post article embodies what a lot of clients feel:

The article went viral earlier this year. It discusses the heartache and tremendous loss that can be felt at the time of filing, but it also talks about how the author felt after filing, namely relief and hope. The author describes it as “a new beginning.”

The rest of the authors blog posts can be found here:

I’ve found her words to be a tremendous testimony to her courage and bravery, but I also encourage clients to read her work because, most importantly, it reminds them that they’re not along, and I’ve found that makes the prospect of filing for bankruptcy much less scary.

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